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right below: Michiel De Cleene
Michiel De Cleene
architect Bureau Bas Smets
project bench Salta, design for a concrete bench
status finished
period 2019
surface area 200 (L) x 50 (W) x 40 (H)cm
client Urbastyle
in collaboration with Eliane Le Roux

The Salta bench was created out of the desire to make an object that is beautiful to look at, while being pleasant to sit on. It is the result of a thorough research into the maximum reduction of material to create a stable structure that only leaves a minimal footprint on the public space. Studying the architecture of bridges, the designers have conceived a bench that seems to defy gravity. While it has a generous seating surface, the air flows freely below. Standing on its four slender legs it does not obstruct views. It is made of Ultra High Performance concrete, giving it the strength of granite and the look of marble. 

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