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architect Technum-Tractebel Engineering
project construction of a new entrance/exit complex on the A12 motorway, Londerzeel
status -
period 2018 -
budget 60.000.000,00 €

Near Londerzeel-Zuid, consisting of three tunnels, a new entry and exit complex was designed: tunnel for road traffic on the A12, tunnel for the express tram and tunnel for the bicycle highway. All tunnels are characterised by U-shaped entrances that slowly cut into the landscape. A new road bridge and a new cycle bridge are planned over the A12. UTIL was responsible for the stability study of all structures. The major landscape interventions for the U-shaped entrances were made very difficult by the fact that the 'Boomse-klei' swells when relieved. This causes an enormous upward load on all the concrete plates of the U-shaped entrances and the tunnels. Together with Tractebel, the design for the road and pedestrian bridges was finalised.

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